22 Southern Indian Foods in Hyderabad

India is a diverse culinary world. Each region and city has unique cuisine with different levels of spice. When I went to Hyderabad, I was introduced to so many different dishes that were flavor explosions. I have a huge respect for the way Indian cuisines are prepared, as they require tons of complex flavors and spices and require long hours for some of the foods to perfect. Here is a list of some of my favorite food items I had in Hyderabad.

1) Cholebaturi 

It’s like eating a giant dough puff. The interior is hollow, but the bread is massive and deep fried. Usually served with a side of curry, the bread is meant to be ripped apart and used to eat with the curry.

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2) Sabudana Khichi

This was made of a grain like cous cous and an array of spices (curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin, peanuts, raisins, and coriander). It was so flavorful and delicious by itself or with a curry on the side.

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3) Kabsa Laham

This was eaten at a Muslim restaurant, therefore is commonly found throughout the Middle East as well. It was slow-cooked stewed lamb with basmati rice. The spices were so complex and involved. Had to verify on Wikipedia and it looks like common spices are black pepper, cloves, cardamon, saffron, cinnamon, bay leaves, nutmeg, and black lime.

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4) Apollo Fish

Spicy fish dish popularly found in Hyderabadi restaurants. The dish consists of battered fish nuggets with masala spice, garlic, pepper, chilies, coriander, ginger, pepper, curry, and lemon.

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5) Panipuri

Little pockets of deep fried dough that you puncture, put masala in, add a green vinegary sauce, and sprinkle fresh onion. Tasty little snack.

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6) Samosa Chaat

Basically a samosa smashed up into a plate with more curry, onions, and other spices on top. It’s a really heavy snack, perfect for sharing!

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7) Chicken 65

It’s the red chicken to the right of the plate. It’s spicy and delicious!

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8) Vada

Loved these, since they tasted like donuts. The dough is a little sour, as it’s similar to a dosa. Deliciously served with chutney on the side.

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9) Dholka

A spongy cake with sesame seeds in it. It’s a bit sour and not sweet. They put a green hot sauce on top.

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10) Khalfie

It’s like a milky popsicle. This is a nice cool treat on a hot day. Super creamy!

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11) Grilled Chicken from Siddiqui Kabbabs

This was really tasty. It’s slow roasted rotisserie style chicken.

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12) Paan

Usually eaten after a meal as a digestive, made out of beetlenut leaves and other spices. The top has a thin layer of edible silver.

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13) Double-ka-meeta qurbani

A desert made of apricot into a pudding, served with ice cream.

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14) Indian Chinese

Imagine Chinese food with Indian spices. It was really damn good, usually went with the fried rice.

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15) Idli

Soft spongey cakes with spices and served with chutneys. This is called a type of tiffin or a snack.

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16) Indian BBQ

Slow roasted DIY BBQ, similar to Korean BBQ. However, everything is on a skewer.

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17) Dosa

A giant crepe like bread that is used to dip in chutney or curry. It’s a bit sour and is very crispy.

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18) Lamb Briyani

The specialty in Hyderabad. Briyani rice with saffron and lamb.

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19) Frankie’s 

It’s basically a giant Indian burrito, using roti as the wrap and either tiki masala or some other curry inside. You can also add cheese inside.

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20) Chai Massala

Very simple, but just spiced milk tea. Very common in the afternoons.

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21) Chicken Lollipops

Chicken drumsticks rubbed in very hot spices.

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22) Double-ka-meeta

An apricot bread pudding with nuts

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