5 Awesome Drinks in Mexico

Mexico is awesome. Cheap food. Beautiful Beaches. Friendly People. The best part is all the tasty drinks you can get there. Imagine just hanging out, sipping on a cold beverage under the blazing hot sun, on the beach. Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhh…..

1.  Michelada – one of my personal favorites. This is the Mexican version of the Bloody Mary but 1000x better. Tomato juice, hot sauce, lime juice, beer, and salt. Yummy.

michelada (1)

2. Cerveza – So it’s “just” beer? Wrong. Try Pacifico, Negra Modelo, Tecate, Corona, Dos XX, and more. I’m not even going to try and name all of them, just try them all. Check out an extensive list here at the Cerveza Report.


3. TEQUILAAAAA – Any tequila I’ve ever had in Mexico is better than anything I’ve ever had in the US. Forget Jose Cuervo and Patron. Seriously.  I took 9 shots of tequila at a Mexican wedding in one night and remembered it. There are so many different varieties, but here are a couple of best of lists that are reasonably priced 7 Best Budget Tequilas and Best Bottles of Tequila for Under $10 in Mexico


4. Horchata – It’s like a liquid churro. Cinnamon, milky, delicious. Best served with some spicy food or some street tacos.


 5. Agua Fresca – Delicious and refreshing. My personal favorites are Jamaica (Hibiscus), Agua de Fresa (strawberry), Sandía (watermelon), Tamarindo (tamarind), and Limón (lemon).



If this is not enough, here’s another great blog post about delicious drinks in Mexico: Drinking in Mexico: It’s Not All Margaritas

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